David o’ Doherty

David o’ Doherty

A free David o’Doherty gig, what’s the catch ?

There’s none, well you have to cycle but it is car free day after all, so we are saving you a walk !

Award-winning comedian and bicycle fiend, David
O’Doherty, has agreed to put on a secret show as
the closing event of the Festival.
A one-off event that should give rise to great silliness
and a good dose of the giggles.
This is a free gig but you will have to cycle to find out
the secret location. This cycle will be lead by David
himself. Rumours of an all-in-one lycra body-suit are

If you cannot cycle for any reason (and it
better be good) contact info@kerrybicyclefestival.org
to make alternative arrangements.
David Nicholas O’Doherty is a Perrier
Award winning Irish comedian,
author, musician, actor, playwright
…and bike nut.


Note: It will probably be dusk by the time this show, so don’t forget your lights.


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