Dawn Cycle / Festival Launch

Dawn Cycle / Festival Launch

Due to the success of the 2012 Dawn Cycle, we’ve decided to launch the
festival with this literally eye-opening event. Come join us as the sun comes
up, and your stress levels go down. If you do, you’ll be part of the first Mobility
week event in the whole of Europe!

This will be a leisurely cycle to welcome in both the day and the festival, with a stop for a refuel (a complimentary cuppa and
a croissant) before heading back into town. We promise to have you back in time for work, school or bed!

We will be visiting the location of the fascinating ceremonial avenue at Ballingowan which was discovered during the archaeological excavationsas part of the construction of the new N22 Tralee Bypass.
The avenue which may have been used for pagan rituals in times gone. Lucky for us, around the September 16th the Sun, Moon and Mercury all break the horizon at this point.


…the avenue may have aligned on a celestial body at a significant time of the year. For instance the sun rises along the centre line of the avenue on the 21st March and in September the Sun, Moon and Mercury all break the horizon at this point around the 16thday of the month


– Rubicon Heritage

Check out  the report from Rubicon Heritage  who undertook archaeological excavations on the site.

Facebookers here is the event page for the Dawn Cycle

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