Date // Saturday 7th of May
Venue // The Windmill Auditorium, Blennerville // 7 pm
Event Details // Come and watch a bundle of little shorts featuring, or inspired by, bicycles.We’ll be snuggling up in the windmill for this viewing session. Limited places so come early.
Bicycle convoy departing Tralee Town Square, meeting from 6 for 6.30 departure.


  • Title: Inspired
    Director: Danny MacAskill
    Duration: 00:05:40
    An updated version of Danny Mac Askill’s Inspired
    first seen at cycling shorts three years ago. His
    ridiculous virtuosity on a bike is still as mind-blowing
    as ever.

  • Title: Escape from Tomorrow (A Day In the Life
    With Nigel Sylvester)
    Director: 13th Witness
    Duration: 00:02:55
    More virtuoso stuff, except this time, across the
    Atlantic and with some attitude laid on thick.

  • Title: Bicycle Built for 2000
    Director: Aaron Koblin & Daniel Massey
    Duration: 00:02:17
    Synopsis: Technically there’s no actual bicycle in
    this peice but that shouldn’t stop us. A fascinating
    look at what happens with computer scientists have
    too much time in the lab of Amazon’s Mechanical
    Turk web services.

  • Title: Bicycle Cap
    Director: Casa Peseta
    Duration: 00:07:40
    Synopsis: A documentary about a very special
    series of bicycle caps made by Spanish brand
    peSeta for the New Museum of New York City.
    caps only available at the New Museum shop.
    Springtime 2011, Madrid.

  • Title: Dragon’s Blood
    Director: North of Ten
    Duration: 00:03:38
    Synopsis: Erik Elstran’s novel interpretation of slay-
    ing a dragon on two wheels.
    Title: Bicycle Repairman
    Director: Monty Python
    Duration: 00:03:09
    Synopsis: Classic Flying Circus sketch featuring
    Michael Palin as a bicycle repairman .

  • Title: From Steel: the making of a soulcraft
    Director: Michael Evans
    Duration: 00:06:02
    Synopsis: Filmmaker Michael John Evans sets out
    to visually portray “the zone” which one enters when
    their craft is honed.
    Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft, builds top notch
    custom steel bicycle frames. This short film documents
    Sean’s fabrication methods: a well choreographed
    dance of experience and muscle memory producing
    a seemingly effortless ode to process.

  • Title: VCA 2010 RACE RUN
    Director: Changoman
    Duration: 00:04:36
    Synopsis: A look at the strict rules and regulation-
    run VCA 2010 Race Run.

  • Title: Life Has Changed
    Director: World Bicycle Relief
    Duration: 00:07:27
    Synopsis: See the dramatic difference a simple
    bicycle has made for four World Bicycle Relief recipi-
    ents in Zambia. A volunteer healthcare worker, dairy
    farmer, local mechanic and young student share
    their stories, echoing those of over 71,000 recipients
    we have served since our founding in 2005.

  • Title: The Birth of Big Air
    Director: Jeff Tremaine
    Duration: 00.54.00
    Synopsis: In 1985, at the tender age of 13, Mat
    Hoffman entered into the BMX circuit as an amateur,
    and by 16 he had risen to the professional level.
    Throughout his storied career, Hoffman has ignored
    conventional limitations, instead, focusing his efforts
    on the purity of the sport and the pursuit of “what’s
    next.” Academy Award nominee Spike Jonze and
    extreme sport fanatic Johnny Knoxville, along with
    director Jeff Tremaine, will showcase the inner
    workings and exploits of the man who gave birth to
    “Big Air.”

  • Title: Muppets on Bikes
    Director:Some Genius
    Duration: 00.02.57
    Synopsis: Muppets. music and bicycles. Unbelievable.