Cycle Shorts

Not the questionable fashion trend of the early 90s, but a night of short films about and featuring or inspired by bicycles.

Limited places so come early

Entry €3 or FREE if you cycle, !

Valet parking with a bike doctor on hand , so your bike will be pumped and oiled for your journey home.

Venue: Blennerville Windmill Auditorium
Date: Saturday 15th May
Time: 7 pm


  • Title: Alley Cats
    Director: Niamh Kennedy
    Duration: 00:03:10
    Ever tried to race through rush hour traffic? Alleycat
    is a short documentary capturing an underground
    alleycat race through the streets of Dublin.

  • Title: Pedal Pushers
    Director: Niamh Kennedy
    Duration: 00:11:37
    It takes a strong nerve to cycle in Dublin navigating
    chaotic junctions, reckless drivers and opened car
    doors. But there’s one group that have this down
    to an art, with the streets as their office and their
    playground. This film takes us into the world of the
    Dublin bicycle couriers.

    Niamh Kennedy is passionate about all kinds of
    documentary. She has been working in the film
    and TV industry for the past four years, first for film
    company Element Pictures, and then for tv company
    Independent Pictures. She has directed a number
    of short documentaries including the award winning
    “An Ember’s Glow”, and the two bicycle films detailed

  • Title: Mass Tangiers
    Director: Barry McGoff
    Duration: 00:04:06
    Synopsis: This short piece features a Christmas
    Day Critical Mass in Tangiers in 2007.
    Barry McGoff is also the man behind the high bikes
    featured throughout the festival and has several pieces
    on display in the Frame X exhibition in Siamsa.

  • Title: Bringázz a munkába X 3 (Bike to work)
    Director: Lacey Falvey
    Duration: 00:01:30
    Synopsis: Three 30 second promos for Hungary’s
    Bike To Work scheme.

  • Title: Lemonade Music Video
    Director: Larry McGowan
    Duration: 00:03:41
    The story of a man who is suprised by his rekindled
    love of cycling. Larry McGowan is a singer-song-
    writer from Galway.

  • Title: Race You
    Director: Etain McGuckian
    Duration: 00:15:14
    This mockumentary follows a group of wacky charac-
    ters as they descend on Kerry for the prestigious Fenit
    Bike Championships. Who will win is anyone’s guess!
    The film was shot in a day in the space of five hours.
    There was no script – all the characters were given
    their character synopsis and ad libbed from there.
    A real race was conducted for authenticity. Most of
    the characters double-jobbed and formed part of the
    production crew.

  • Title: The Bicycle Thief
    Director: Peter Farrell
    Duration: 00:05:12
    Two people, one bike, no bus.

  • Title: The Bike Man of the Phoenix Park
    Director: Lorna Gargan
    Duration: 00:10:23
    Synopsis: A simple documentary about a family-
    run business that rents out bikes in the Phoenix

  • Title: One Less Car
    Director: DCTV
    Duration: 00:2:01
    Synopsis: Clip from cycling documentary produced
    by Dublin Community Television.

  • Title: Archangel of Bicycle Repair
    Director: Sean Proctor
    Duration: 00:01:53
    Synopsis: Gabriel Reimer is a 19-year-old living in
    Mount Pleasant. However, unlike most his age, who
    go to school full time, he works full time at Motorless
    Motion, the bike shop in Downtown Mount Pleasant.

  • Title: Lowbrow Hipster Episode 10: Shemp’s Fixie
    Director: Jeremy Schliewe and Ben Manker-Seale
    Duration: 00:04:37
    Synopsis: There’s something not quite right about
    Shemp’s new fixed gear bicycle.

  • Title: Bike Ride
    Director: Adam Rosenberg
    Duration: 00:01.04
    Synopsis: You can’t forget how to ride a bike, nor
    the feeling that comes with it.

  • Title: Copenhagen Cycles
    Director: Eric Dyer
    Duration: 00:06:35
    A bicyclist travels through a fantastical, collaged
    reconstruction of Denmark’s capital city. I combined
    the concept of the pre-cinema zoetrope with fast-
    shutter digital video technology to explore the kinetics
    of Copenhagen.
    About 25 paper cinetropes were created for the film.

  • Title: Delaneys
    Director: Michael Kelly
    Duration: 00:05:10
    Delaneys is a short documentary that pays homage
    to a much-loved bicycle shop in Dublin. It explores
    the man and the family behind the enterprise.

  • Title: Chopin’s Bicycle
    Director: Eric Dyer
    Duration: 00:02:58
    An experimental video. “With the computer we are
    pushing past man’s empowerment by technology
    into his elimination by it. In the creation of ‘Chopin’s
    Bicycle,’ the production staff (the editor and the
    compositor) were replaced by the music staff: a mu-
    sic composition provided both the temporal structure
    (timing of cuts) and spatial structure (layered mise-
    en-scene). A computer-driven automated process
    made this possible.”
    “Furthermore, this music composition was written over
    150 years ago. Our trend toward retro-referencing
    indicates a quiet realization that humankind has
    reached its peak– we now only want to look back.”